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Native Ground Orchids

Frances Scarano here gives us a glimpse at some of the efforts she has been making to rescue and translocate some of our native ground orchids, and to propagate them too. There are about 1200...

Rescued Lomandra obliqua

These pretty plants are cousins of the everyday lomandra you see everywhere. They live in shallow sandy soils in heathlands and open forests, or on rocky slopes. Growing only 20cm high and sprawling...

Mountain Devils Ready!

As of today, March 16th 2023, a very small number of Lambertia formosa are ready for planting. These plants are difficult to propagate as we NEVER get any seed to try, and previously our cuttings...

Epacris pulchella

Epacris pulchella A limited number of Epacris pulchella, in 140mm pots and larger, are ready for re-homing. These were rescued from Blackheath due to essential repairs in bushy areas. Many were later...

Gahnia microstachya Rescues Ready!

Gahnia microstachya is a useful small background or space filler plant for the garden. Growing only 60 - 100mm it forms roundedgreen clumps of narrow rolled saw-edged leaves with the brown flower...