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Gahnia microstachya Rescues Ready!


Gahnia microstachya is a useful small background or space filler plant for the garden. Growing only 60 - 100mm it forms rounded
green clumps of narrow rolled saw-edged leaves with the brown flower spikes projecting above them. The flowers are eventually
replaced by many small brown flattened nuts about 2mm long which are attractive food for wildlife.
Growing on sandy soils of drier sclerophyll forest it is found mostly in the mid and upper Mountains and towards the central western slopes.
This is a “hard to grow” plant from seed or seedling, but we have some nice “rescues” from the Upper Mountains which should help give success in your garden. As rescued plants they are in larger pots, priced from $12 each

Plant of the Month, BM Gazette 15Sep2022. Image by John Tan