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Low Stock forces Temporary Closure of Nursery

It has been a tough year for plants at the nursery! The constant rain, cool temperatures and low light levels have all contributed to slow growth in our new plants. We have also had considerable...

Gahnia microstachya Rescues Ready!

Gahnia microstachya is a useful small background or space filler plant for the garden. Growing only 60 - 100mm it forms roundedgreen clumps of narrow rolled saw-edged leaves with the brown flower...

Family Fun Day at Lawson PS

Wildplant Rescue will be at this Funday in Lawson with local native plants for your garden. Come and see us there! BLUE MOUNTAINS COMMUNITY FUN DAY Saturday 3rd September 2022  From...

ABC News story about our founder, Mikla

After planting thousands of wattles, farm goes from 'barepaddocks' to teeming with wildlifeABC Rural / By Hamish ColePosted Tue 23 Aug 2022 at 6:36am, updated Tue 23 Aug 2022 at 9:16am When Mikla Lew...

Springwood Street Stall 3rd September 2022

After several years of cancellations due to COVID19, the Springwood Foundation Day Festival will finally be going ahead on Saturday 3rd September 2022. Wildplant Rescue will have a street stall...

2020 Wildplant Press Autumn pdf

Big drought... New paths laid...  Plant mystery solved... Mikla's Visit... Eucalyptus ligustrina

2018 Wildplant Press Summer pdf

New Tshirts... Eucalyptus mannifera... Pandorea pandorana... growing Epacris...

2015 Wildplant Press Autumn

Lomatia silaifolia: Crinkle bush.This beautiful plant grows to about 1metre or to two metres if bearing its tall graceful flower stalks. Belonging to the same group as the Grevilleas the delicate...

2014 Wildplant Press Autumn pdf

AGM Reports...November Workshops...Scenic World Connection...New Signs...Eucalyptus stricta...Events...Gahnia seiberiani

2013 Wildplant Press Autumn pdf

New Committee...Life Membership for Judy...Chairperson’s Report...Nursery Coordinator’s...“Festival of the Green”...Myths about native gardens...Eucalyptus piperita...Stalls and events...Spotlight on...